WW2 Symposium(1)BCS middle school held a WWII symposium on Friday, March 27.  While dressed as if this was the 1940’s, students listened with interest to people who had experienced the horrors of the war.  Six speakers came to share their memories of the 30’s and ’40’s.

Middle School students heard from Mr. Dolin who served during Pearl Harbor, from Mr. Bupp who sailed across the Pacific and was saved from combat because of the atomic bomb, from Dr. Lambros who was at both D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, from Hedy Poppelsdorf who survived the Holocaust, from Margot Jogwick who lived mostly in concrete bunkers during the bombing of Berlin, and from Betty Cunnings who explained what the home front was like.

Excellent questions were asked by the students and answered by our guests.  Excellent advice was given by each speaker – challenging the students to work hard, be kind, question everything, and never turn away from God.   This symposium gave life to the study of history and won’t be forgotten.   Thank you to Colonel John Cunnings for putting together this opportunity.

WW2 Symposium(2)

WW2 Symposium(4)

WW2 Symposium(3)

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