Why is Christian Education Valuable?

Christian education exists to help young people realize their full potential as human beings in God’s will for their lives. Bible Center School seeks to help each student become fully equipped through Christ Jesus. This first involves winning students to Christ, teaching them the gospel in its truth.

Second, Bible Center School provides for intellectual growth and development through academic studies, provides opportunities for social activities consistent with biblical and spiritual values, and provides for physical exercise and development.

What is education with a biblical wordview?

God, as the ultimate reality, sets all standards by which value judgments are made. He has revealed Himself and His will through His Word. Therefore, Christ and His atoning grace must be central to every subject and activity. This means that the biblical viewpoint must permeate the entire school program, including curriculum, extra-curricular activities, athletics, business, and the interpersonal relationships of all who are associated with the school.

What do we mean when we say we educate the “whole person”?

Christian teachers teach science as God’s creation, geography as God’s handiwork, history as God’s dealing with the nations of the world, mathematics as God’s orderliness, language arts as an opportunity to read and understand God’s Word, music and art as God’s beauty and tools for worship, and physical education and health as our responsibility in caring for God’s temple. All of this will help students relate to everyday living and contribute a positive influence for Jesus Christ. 

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