The elementary school at BCS provides a nurturing environment while pursuing academic excellence with a Biblical worldview.

Our curriculum focuses on mastery as well as critical thinking skills, making it a rigorous program that challenges learners in their application of learned content.

A Hands-On Learning Environment

The learning environment consists of engaged hands-on learning as well as traditional instructional methods.  BCS faculty and staff recognize that not all learners learn in the same way. Therefore, differentiated instructional methods and strategies are used in all classroom settings.

Embracing Technology

Students in 4th and 5th grades receive Chrome Books for their educational use during their time at BCS. Technology is a focal point of the overall academic program as we prepare our students to have an impact on their world in the 21st century. 

Exposure to the arts

Elementary students rotate between Art, Music, and P.E. weekly. These classes help our students meet our expected student outcomes as they develop a love for physical activity, personal health, and fine arts.

A Family Feel

At Bible Center School, we are a community that feels like family. Parents volunteer regularly for annual fundraisers, classroom activities, and in the lunchroom. BCS faculty and staff join parents in building positive partnerships as we work together in developing the whole child.


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