Dress Code

Transitional Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Uniform Shirts

Colors: Maroon, White, Black, Gray
Shirts must have a collar: Polo, Oxford, Turtleneck

Uniform Bottoms

Colors: Black or Khaki (closest to tan)

Girls: Jumpers, Skirts, Skorts, Shorts, Pants

Bottoms may not be shorter than three inches above the knee. It is recommended that girls wear shorts/leggings under skirts and jumpers.

Leggings may not be worn as uniform pants.

Boys: Shorts or Pants

Lands' End

The only purchases that must be made from Lands’ End are plaids and/or clothing with the BCS logo.

Go to landsend.com/school and search BCS approved uniform items. Preferred school #900026808

Due to copyright laws, the BCS logo must not be altered and must not be reproduced.

RAM Wear

Items may be purchased from the Ram Wear Wall.

Ram Wear may be worn with jeans/pants/warm-up pants or uniform bottoms every Friday. Non-uniform shorts may not be worn on Ram Wear days.

PE Uniforms

5th-8th Grade students only.

Students may wear any BCS shirt (available for purchase from the Ram Wear wall) and black athletic bottoms.

Dress Code Violations

Homeroom teachers will notify parents of students who are out of code. If the problem persists, students will be asked to change and school administration will notify parents.
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