About BCS

Bible Center School (BCS) is a fully accredited preschool, lower, and middle school program providing an exceptional educational experience in preparation for the secondary school level and college. It lays the foundation for academic skill, social adeptness and the general attitude of the student toward school.

We desire to help parents build into their children Christian character, self-discipline, and high moral and academic standards. Our academic subjects are taught from a Christian perspective. Daily Bible classes encourage students to incorporate Christian principles into their everyday lives. Our program is distinctively Christian but nondenominational.

Bible Center School officially began in 1981 with the completion of the Family Center addition at Bible Center Church. First grade was the first and only grade available that year. Grade levels were added on, one per year, as the school grew. Double tracking for most grades was also a gradual process, one grade level at a time.


In 2010, as a result of the Move to the Middle campaign, seventh grade was added. The 2011-2012 school term was the first year in school history for Bible Center to have a complete elementary and middle school, with grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

Bible Center School also has an exceptional preschool program for three- to four-year-old children. Bible Center Preschool is viewed as a supplement to the child’s family by providing a warm, secure Christian environment outside the home. The purpose of the program is to guide and nurture each child in his or her spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social experiences, to provide age-appropriate educational and social experiences for continual growth and development.

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