We would love to help you enroll your child in BCS for the 2022-23 school year. We know that choosing Bible Center School is an investment and we are excited about the opportunities the new Hope Scholarship provides for WV families in choosing BCS as the place of education for their child(ren).

BCS Enrollment Instructions

  • Click the link to apply today: BCS Application (4 yrs old-8th grade).
  • Schedule a tour/interview with the principal by calling (304) 941-1704.
  • Applications are reviewed weekly and families will be notified once applications are approved to continue the enrollment process.

Hope Scholarship Information

  • Learn about or apply for the Hope Scholarship.
  • Call the School Office with questions: (304) 941-1704.


About BCS

Bible Center School (BCS) is a fully accredited preschool, lower, and middle school program providing an exceptional educational experience in preparation for the secondary school level and college. It lays the foundation for academic skill, social adeptness, and the general attitude of the student toward school.

We desire to help parents build into their children Christian character, self-discipline, and high moral and academic standards.

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