December 6, 2019 | From the Principal’s Office

Every week we hear incredible stories of how Bible Center School makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and their families, and in the community. We call these Moments that Matter.  -Principal Stephanie Schafer

​This week’s moments that matter took place in the RAM Center. This space not only holds some of our BCS families’ favorite memories but serves as one of our students’ favorite places to be throughout the week.

Our new PE teacher, Mr. Moore, makes PE fun!

Rock. Paper. Fun!!! Our second grade students learned a new game today that was highly energetic and competitive!

  • Mr. Moore brought some new energy to our PE classes today and coached students throughout the new game and encouraged students to have fun!
  • Students cheered one another on as they tried to outwit the opposing team in a game of rock, paper, scissors with a twist that required agility, teamwork, and quick thinking.

Why this Matters: I received a phone call from another teacher telling me I just had to get down to the RAM center and see the game Mr. Moore was playing. Physical Education is such an important component of a child’s education. BCS students start every PE class with exercises designed to build strength and endurance and our new PE coach, Mr. Moore, has definitely won the students over his first week here with his knowledge of team sports in middle school and creativity with PE games for the younger grades.

This Week’s High-Energy Pep Rally Builds Unity

K-8th Grade Students gathered in the RAM center to kick off the 2019-2020 basketball season! 

  • Students had a great time as our BCS Cheerleaders kept the crowd hyped up during the first basketball pep rally!
  • Our first home games of the season are tonight:

-Girls Basketball Team plays at 6:00 PM
-Boys Basketball Team plays at 7:15 PM
-Students are Free Tonight!
-Come Cheer alongside our BCS Cheerleaders!
-Tonight’s Theme: Maroon Maniacs!  Wear your Maroon!

  • The Christmas themed Pep Rally included a jingle bell shake, a new cheer, lots of stunting, a tree decorating competition between the basketball teams and cheerleaders, and the introduction of athletes and coaches for this sports season.

Why this Matters: Sports seasons at BCS are filled with long nights with friends on the bleachers, the thrill of watching student-athletes improve throughout the season, and lots of maroon and gold. It’s no wonder the student body couldn’t wait for the first pep rally of this year’s basketball season. The volume in the gym was at an all-time high as students were introduced to this year’s basketball teams and cheerleaders. A special thank you to the cheerleaders for keeping the energy high with cheers, chants, stunts, and school spirit!

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