Check out this 5 minute video demo of our technology vision for Bible Center School!


Develop 3D Design & Printing Skills with MakerBot

Imagine. Create. Iterate. Grow.


We’re excited to introduce our vision for technology enabled learning — and share with you a preview of what’s ahead.

Makerbot is the largest provider of 3D printers in the world – they also run the world’s largest 3D design services community. Their commitment to STEM education has made them the number one platform for 3D printing solutions, in use at over 7,000 schools today.

Makerbot opens the doors for our students to imagine, create, iterate and grow. Their learning becomes more immersive through sight and touch.

And this helps our students of today, become the innovators of tomorrow.

Watch this short demonstration of how Makerbot’s 3D Makerspace can equip our students for the future.

And thank you for helping support Bible Center School!