BCS honored its first ever Business Partner of the Year at a luncheon held recently at the RAM Center. Larry & Lisa Pack, representing Stonerise Health Care, were honored for their generosity and commitment to Bible Center School.

Senior Pastor Matt Friend (far left) and Executive Pastor John King (far right) helped honor Larry and Lisa Pack representing Stonerise Healthcare as the 2018-19 Bible Center School Business Partner of the Year.  BCS enjoys a partnership with 29 business in the Kanawha Valley.  Each business partner makes an annual financial commitment to the school in return for prominent signage and other benefits. More information is available at BibleCenterSchool.com.

Lee Walker (far left) helped honor Larry & Lisa Pack of Stonerise Healthcare as the 2018 Business Partner of the Year. Stonerise Healthcare has chosen to be a Maroon level partner every year since the inception of the program several years ago.

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