Bible Center School sixth grade has traveled around the world! On December 9, the sixth grade invited the entire school to take a trip around the world with them.  Each student had chosen a country to research fully – and they did!  Students  learned fun facts about the countries and then wrote an extensive report. They also created a salt map, a travel worthy poster, and a flag of the country. Passport stamps were used to enable the lower grades to “visit” the countries with a passport and have it stamped.

But the most fun was the food!   Every student brought food that was native to the respective countries (goat cheese from United Arab Emirates!). All recipes will be put into a recipe book that 6th grade students can take home and try out.

From Kindergarten to 8th grade – the world was seen through the eyes of the sixth grade. God’s world became more beautiful and meaningful to everyone.

14 Country Fair (1)

14 Country Fair (2)

14 Country Fair (3)

14 Country Fair (4)

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