School Closing Policy and Information

School-ClosingsSnow days are challenging for everyone! Bible Center has maintained a policy of closing its doors only when it is deemed necessary to do so in order to protect our students, their families, and our workers. The decision will be made by 6:15 AM. If you are unsure whether our School will be open, there are a number of ways you may find out.

How to Find Out

School closings due to inclement weather will be available through the:

  • WV Department of Education website
  • Radio stations: WCHS-580AM, WQBE, WBSR, WBES.
  • Television stations: WOWK, WCHS, and WSAZ.*
  • Automated phone call (Be sure that BCS has your preferred phone number specifically for this service.)

*Please note that television stations may choose not to list businesses, day cares, and churches at the bottom of the screen, and only list them on their web sites.

Review BCS School Closing Policy regarding Preschool and School closures.