November 1, 2019 | From the Principal’s Office

Every week we hear incredible stories of how Bible Center School makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and their families, and in the community. We call these Moments that Matter.

1.  STEM Day was full of curiosity, problem-solving, and fun!

Students loved all the engineering challenges and learning how to creatively solve problems using the design process.

  • The K-3 kids could not get enough of all the STEM stations—so many things to explore: Legos, Kinex, STEM Games, Snap Circuits, Catapults, Dominoes, Marble Runs, Marshmallow Shooters, Coding Robots, and Bottle Flipping.
  • Our 4th/5th graders made S’More Ovens, developed 3-D creations in Tinkercad, and enjoyed lots of STEM games.
  • Marshall University’s Engineering Department hosted our middle school students for the day and generated excitement about Raspberry Pi and STEM careers.
  • The highlight of the day was the 5th grade Pumpkin Drop! A huge crowd of students, parents, and teachers cheered and celebrated for the pumpkins to land (from their 30-foot fall!) without any damage.

Why this Matters: We value the pursuit of excellence and getting students to learn beyond the classroom walls. Students were able to spend the day collaborating with their peers as they watched their creations come to life.  Parents, teachers, and students worked together to make our first off site STEM day “the best day of school ever.”

2. Pep Rally Motivates Students for Classroom Fundraising

It’s exciting to help students get energized about an initiative to help equip their classrooms with even more amazing learning resources.

  • The Ram Fun Run is a big deal – lot’s of laps – lots of fun – lots of funds! 🙂
  • It will take place November 8th, different times for different age groups.
  • The students are very excited and challenged to get pledges that will earn prizes for themselves and their classes.
  • The school-wide goal is $15,000 and helps equip our classrooms with some amazing new learning resources.
  • The mobile app makes it super easy this year to invite folks to sponsor your child.
  • Be sure to come motivate and cheer on students as they run 30-35 laps!
  • And a shout out to Mrs. Brown’s (high-energy class) who won the “Best Class Flag Challenge” at Wednesday’s Pep Rally!

Why this Matters: Pep Rallies promote school unity and school spirit. Wednesday’s Kick Off Pep Rally generated a lot of excitement and motivated teachers and students to begin raising funds for classroom resources. We want to share a special thank you to our parents, grandparents, friends, and community for helping us sponsor these kids “getting their 10,000 steps in” 🙂