October 18, 2019 | From the Principal’s Office

Every week we hear incredible stories of how Bible Center School makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and their families, and in the community. We call these Moments that Matter.

1.  We always welcome parent volunteers!

As a volunteer, you contribute so much to the success of our school.

  • BCS has continually been blessed over the years with hundreds and hundreds of parents volunteering to help make incredible student experiences possible.
  • The next big volunteer opportunity is the Ram Fun Run on November 8th.
  • Hallie Mason (she’s amazing) is our volunteer, volunteer coordinator. 🙂 Email Hallie anytime at  for more volunteer opportunities.

Why this Matters: Your time, your talents, your heart – it makes a huge difference.  We truly value building deep relationships at BCS—and when you volunteer, you become more connected to administration, teachers, students, and other parents.  Students see how much their parents value their education—and you get to see firsthand all the great things happening at school.

2. Preschoolers learn through play!

Helping children play provides a great foundation for learning.

  • It’s proven that playing is critical to the developmental growth of children and helps children develop strong communication and relationship skills.
  • Our preschool teachers provide numerous opportunities for students to practice what they are learning through play.

Why this Matters: Playing is such an important part of learning for our preschoolers.  It’s a joy to see them develop effective communication, social and critical thinking skills through creative play experiences with their peers.  We’re so thankful for BCS preschool faculty and staff for making school so much fun!

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