16-Get-on-Board 119 S

Q: What is the purpose of the school bus?

A: The purpose of the school bus is to assist Bible Center School and Preschool with school trips, athletic events, and after school events. In addition, BCS plans to make a morning and an evening bus run on 119 South for school age students.

Q: Will any of my tuition money be funding the school bus or used to purchase the school bus?

A: No, the funds for the bus will be raised through donations and partnerships. The maintaining of the bus will be funded from the cost of the bus run or the cost from the trips.

Q: Is the bus a WV approved bus?

A: Yes, the bus is a yellow state approved school bus.

Q: Are you willing to add bus stops?

A: Yes, depending on the amount of students in a particular area. However, all stops will be along the main highway.

Q: Do you run the bus when preschool is open and the school is closed?

A: No, if the school is closed the bus will not run.

Q: Is the transportation fee a one-time annual cost or can I make payments?

A: Yes, it is a one-time cost unless arrangements are worked out by the administration.